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I really dislike the fact I did'nt write it There is nothing to dislike, yes with any software program there may be a small learning curve but thats like buying a new car. Wow too many too mention, everything from earning potential. Great ranking on search engines due to the content that can be stored within the program.

My users rave about the software and Take the credit Well I wish I could take the credit. Great Job Peace of mind and reliablilty. I came to phpfox from ads in google and started with a trial version. Besides phpfox, I also tried some of their competitors and some free solutions. However, none of them provided a free server and free installation, so phpfox gains a plus. I also tried support to ask for a scaling solution when my users grow.

Most of them asked me to contact 3rd party developers. Luckily phpFox staffs proposed a scaling model and I can say it works. I need a full-stop solution since I am an agency, not a developer. I decided to go with phpfox last year, and I have never regretted. There are several add-ons that the stock phpfox does not offer, so they recommended using other 3rd party developer ones. So I need to contact several people to get the site done.

However, it is acceptable as there are several trusted devs there.

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I love their staffs, knowledgeable and friendly, even sometimes their English is not perfect. The software has a modern look and feel, similar to Facebook, so it is easy to start. Also, it can scale well when I use a stress test tool with a reasonable amount of access and data, so it is good. They also provide services so it is helpful for the small agency in my case. In my opinion, I believe that phpFox is the best Script for anyone who are looking for solution to build social network site.

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I am also really impressed on the way the phpFox team continuously improve their products, specially in aspect of design and performance. This makes phpFox different from other social network software. Highly recommend to you. Sometimes I faces urgent cases at weekend and have to wait until next Monday to receive support. YouNetCo provides many phpFox apps for users to fulfill features on this Script.

Very efficient and dependable software. Alot of great features and add-ons. Highly recommend this company. Very responsive to customers requests , or problems.

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Support team is very precise, and really try to help their customers. The only concern would be the mobile side of the platform. It has improved dramatically ,with the help of a great team of developers. Mobile version will only get better though, as they work on this application. Great social network platform. All of the users of the site really love it! There are several reasons why I like this software: Support is very responsive 2. Stable web based platform 4. Fully replaces the need for a custom application design. There is no iPhone or android native app BUT the mobile web version is perfect and works very well in the mobile environment so it's not really needed to have the native iPhone or Android apps.

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Over all experience is very good. I recommend using PHPFox since the company is vested in the success of their clients using the product. They are responsive to your issues, questions and needs. This is very critical because if you purchase a product and there is no support or interaction and you have problems or questions I've gone down this road before with other vendors. PHPFox will stand behind their product and it's successful use. The design and functionality has dramatically improved over the last year or so.

Their support team is by far the best anywhere. They really try to help you get your site s running to its best potential.

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Overall a good platform.. The mobile application needs a little work. A little unresponsive at times and slow. However it has progressed alot in the last year. They are working to improve it soon by releasing a mobile app. Looking forward to this. Helps our community communicate very efficiently, and in a timely manner. I know many CMS but Phpfox it's the best for many reasons Support work very fine, the product is easy to use, full of features and applications!

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It also adapts to different types of projects Problems as in all the software there are also here. For me the main concerns the text editor, I have also reported to developers, but can be solved by buying a third-party app. If you could even improve the product update would be perfect!

These listed are two small things compared to the exaggerated power of the product. Easy management settings in the backend. Amazing layout of the apps. I've been using this for more than a year now and I must say that this product will be the next great platform online. I would definitely recommend this software especially to none-tech-savvy people like me.

Limited Support during the weekend. Aside from that I don't have anymore to say as this software is doing great. There are lots of benefits I got from this software. But the most important thing is I would be able to earn money on my site and continue earning up to date. The software is very feature rich and easy to set-up. Looks great with the available skins.

It can be installed set-up and configured in a weekend. There's really nothing to dislike about the software, it does exactly what it says it'll do. Work on phpfox review will return the perfect match! Arrowchat is not, phpfox is using our time on your adoption forums and scalable open a featured packed social engine.

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