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I will do my best. Didn't have any condoms, so I wasn't trying to have that sort of sex anyway. At least not then. Let me put it another way In my experience knocked up is when a woman is pregnant and knock someone up is to call on them for business or in your case John G for cat food. Maybe it is an Irish thing because I still can't work out how to knock up a you tube video though I have done it before.

Posted 11 Nov When in 3 different contexts, with different groups of people, pretty much the same thing happens, then you may start asking about cultural specifics. Take it for what it is. Enjoy the fact that life hasn't already become a set of routine, expected events. Posted 12 Nov Hannah's a cherry-picker who plans to take your virginity next week.

Here's hoping that brief encounter helps your pair descend. Posted 13 Nov You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

It's not impossible: the ups and downs of dating in Germany

In 10 words or less, what's the question? Don't knock anybody up. Not if they are "Pink slims" that she is smoking Where is Jaycool on this thread? He would probably suggest a threesome: The US, otherwise known as American version. Probably explains why Americans get slapped when they ask to touch a British woman's fanny. And the deliecious thought of what they sit on every day and I can't see it. What would you do if you were back home in Kansas? First you have to click your heels to get there. Then you have to look for that damn dog. Probably the same reason you get slapped in the sauna when you leer at their arses.

Please tell us a funny about boots and bonnets now - we've never heard those before, either.

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A shower before sex is a good idea for all concerned! I also had an ex gf tell me that she thinks uncut guys are cleaner because they know how to look after themselves. Where are the good looking German men, I think I may kiss my celibacy good-bye! Leaving in 15 days for my Germany new life venture! And although I was in Germany for 10 days, I noticed the good looking ones were a bit too young for me!

Was contemplating on a dating site, but not sure which one to use? This is the first time that laughed uncontrollably over an online article. Your writing is awesome. I had so much fun reading and you gave me a great insight about this wonderful German guy that I met in a dating app. The comments left by your readers are very perceptive as well. Thank you all so much! I wish you and your German all the best for your blossoming relationship. You can sure as hell say stuff like that here, my friend.

In fact, keep it coming! Thank you for the great comment. I wish I had your humor. Many blessings to you and your wife, and stay safe out there in Germany! I absolutely love and enjoy your blogs. You have a unique writing style. After reading this…I should really try out a German guy!!

What a nice thing to say! And you totally gotta try one out… then come back and tell us all about it. I am a 27 yr old female from florida. I met a german on vacation in Mexico and I totally fell in love with his demeanor and freakishly handsome good looks. He is very humble about work and schooling. Straightfoward but very polite.

I noticed he is very unaware of how great he is. Best sex I ever had hands down!! Stylish as hell too. Phenomenal writing, I really enjoyed the humor while reading!!! Why would it be? Worldwide, the vast majority of circumcisions are performed by Muslims, Jews, North Americans, and various indigenous tribes. What exactly is so disgusting about the human penis? What other body parts do you think are so disgusting that they should be removed at birth?

I am soooo moving to Germany. As a gay dude, cockiness is a huge turn off. There is not enough humbleness over here in the states. I suggest you do some research on genital anatomy and foreskin functions. As a gay dude, I can tell you: Love this blog and this article in particular! I mean, have you seen our men lately?! A British 9 is a German 6! I notice it most when travelling and staying in hostels. Your post made my day. You just made me want to go to Germany! All these posts about stereotypes of men. Germany is a highly populated country, very dense, and so is also the diversity of people.

Sure, you will, pretty likely even more than in Germany or other more densely populated countries. West coast is different from East coast, not to talk about Texas and other conservative states. So generalizing people is trash. Even there are a lot of people are totally different than others and not all Muslims are uneducated cameleers. There are many women in the world leaving their countries to get higher-value-men in a different country than their own.

Go ahead, do whatever you want to do, all fine, I wish you success. Because my parents found it to be the better setup. I also got a couple of friends who are cut as well. So in Germany there is no rule about that. You also know it from friends when doing vacations together…. So not showering each day is pretty unusual in my opinion. Is your father cut? And there are rules against female genital cutting in Germany. I am beginning to wonder …. Maybe because you felt in love? I married a turkish woman. But on the other hand, german woman obviously raise up german men.

Now decades later when divorcing basically affects every second marriage and fathers often have issues being allowed to visit their children…. I wonder who is responsible for this devastating amount of unfunny german men…. I hope for your children, Stefanie, that the funny genes of your man will be dominant when clashing with your german sad ones! I really enjoyed reading this. I was only curious because I recently met a guy who happens to be German and he has mentioned most of what you said which is actually pretty cool.

This article was pretty awesome, except I live with two german guys and they are the most arrogant, self centered, robotic, easily triggered, emotionless buttcheeks on the face of the earth. But I have seen some flashes of kindness, key word some, but mostly just cold-heartedness. But 2 was spot on as they are extremely smart concerning math and science.

They also feel the need to write everything down and record it. I had been thinking of trying Germany for awhile now, but I have questions. They are much better looking on the whole than American men, and I have a feeling I will like them more. I have some practical questions though. What would be a good way to meet men — just go to some bars? What would be the best cities to meet men? What kind of temporary jobs are there?

Do the men discriminate on age? I mean would want to date you, not just sleep with you. By the way, I have been eating animal fats bacon, Porterhouse steak and full-fat dairy for several years, and have lost around my middle. I am slender and fit. Are they eating their natural diet; are they truly raised on pasture? We are given lots of wrong information about what is healthy in the US, which is why so many people are out-of-shape, prematurely aging, have bad skin, and still get heart attacks and cancer — even though they eat low-fat or no-fat, low calories.

Omg; I loved reading your article. It was very insightful and informative about german men. And you are very humorous I laughed so hard and loud. Some of your talking points were hilariously soooooo funny. So, I was curious about learning and getting some insight about german men and their culture. You wrote an awesome and appealing article that grabs the readers attention. Love it and keep writing; definitely grabbed my attention! Thank you for the kind words, D! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Good luck in your quest to find a German of your own! Having lately been having the best kind of casual sex ever with a very tall charming smart German, in New Zealand, I can whol heartedly agree!

We made the most of the limited time we had. I will miss you when you go back to England and it will be hard to find someone that turns my desires into reality like you did. Even the germans themselves consider the folk there as much taller than the southern and eastern people the north-western part where I am seems to be a cit above average but not like the ents.

They are amazed of the considered temperament of e. Personally I absolutely like the humble and reluctant way they are raised to be like, but many german chicks seem to be bored by it. Many of the girls WITH niveau anyway like the humble way they act, their honesty and charmant behaviour. Last but not least: Hell yessss, I like nerds. And the compartiveness, it allows you to live out so many different facettes of yourself.

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Thank you for the the insight on German men and culture. I loved reading it! I agree in everything you said about German men except for one thing. I dated a German guy on and off in the last 21 years. I met him when I was 29 and naturally at that time I felt uncomfortable looking at his penis uncircumsized. In the years the followed, I was serious when I asked him that if we ever marry, he must get it cut. This was unimaginable to him as he has incredible sensitivity being it not exposed but shown willingness to make me happy.

Hook-Up Habits In The US And Germany

We stopped seeing each other for 9 years and just very recently got back together. All my close female friends have expressed their need for lubricant as we women in general as our hormones fade, we also become dry down there. Now this is where the benefits of being uncircumsized came to light. God created our bodies and equipment with a purpose. Being circumcised I still loved oral stimulation and how inserting the uncovered head into a vagina creates a sensation that you probably experienced at early age but as adult as decreased…..

I visited Germany a few times and must agree, German guys are of the hottest, sexiest creatures. I would not mind a once-off hookup with a German dude, but I am married. Max Riemelt exemplifies the hot German guy. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Menu. Johan Bichel Lindegaard https: This picture makes me laugh every time I see it. Here are a few German cultural traits regarding sex I can confirm, having observed them with my own two eyeballs: Nudity — Not only are nude saunas commonplace in Germany, but so is nudity in advertising and entertainment.

They keep that shit separate. Interracial Coupling — I love seeing people of different races get together, and I see it a lot more often here in Germany than I ever did in America. Personally, I think prostitution should be legal everywhere. Why does the government care if you want to choke yourself while some chick dips your nuts in coffee? When compared to the rest of the knuckle-dragging primates of the world, the great apes of Germany score a record-setting 5 out of 5 Merkel Diamonds: Glad to hear it, Heartafire! Tons of veggie folk here too. Alsace-Lorraine is just as far south as Bavaria, but in France.

Are you maybe talking about Baden? Have you ever visited the States? Loyd if guys like like petite girls. It makes them feel super macho! Just an idea… Like Liked by 1 person. You have excellent taste, Eahlay!

5 Reasons Why You Should Totally Have Sex with a German Dude – Oh God, My Wife Is German.

Glad to hear it, Gurlsaved! And congrats on marrying a German! Your taste is outstanding. I just wanted to say that this is my favorite post on the internet, ever. Thank you for the kind words, Beatlemania! Thanks for the great, funny blog! Thank you for reading and commenting, T-Rav! Maybe you could come to Germany instead?

Gotta have a good surgeon. Thank YOU for reading it! Prince harry haves a small dick Like Like. As a german man … I can confirm this! In conclusion, be proud of who you are, and to thine own self be true. Have a nice day hater ; Like Liked by 1 person. Oh German dudes… Like Liked by 1 person. If only I had gotten myself a German husband! Haw haw, of course!

Hallo i want to marriage any disabled girl do you help me Like Like. Haw haw Like Like. Are you, by chance, a young German male? Glad to hear it! Well that was colorful. Hysterical, and as always, a core of truth. One of my favorite posts of yours. Thank you for reading. I got the best Germany ever and am black I love him uncut Like Like. Right on, right on! Time to call your therapist. But thank you for reading! Being old is okay, but too much body hair makes me gag, literally, Like Like. Glad to have you on board!

Meet up groups, yo! What does TCB mean? Well you should as it would educate you. Good luck on your adventure, Annie! Might not be the Germans who are the problem here. And to you as well, my friend! Are you interested in a more personal cultural exchange? Here are some tips to help you find love in Germany and get into the German dating game.

Different cultures around the world have a different appreciation of the qualities that make someone a desirable mate. What might be considered romantic, attractive or polite in one culture might not be well received in another. Learning a few German dating tips, however, can help you avoid making dating blunders. Meeting people is easy. Younger people tend to meet at bars and clubs, while the older generation tend to move within their circles of friends.

Surprisingly, Germans are flirtatious and more cheeky than they will admit.

Eye contact is very important; you need to show that you are confident but not arrogant. German men have a reputation for being insensitive, self-serving and cold. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. By contrast, some German men are surprisingly sensitive, almost to the point of being insecure and unsure of themselves. There is a tendency among German men to date women who are much younger than they are.

This more for the fun of dating and socialising rather for long-term or serious relationships. Usually German men do not plan to wed or have any sexual relations with these younger women. But you know what they say about good intentions and the road to hell. It is common for Germans to marry in their 30s, after several years spent dating.