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  • Number of years, months, weeks, and days between two dates.
  • Dating Age Range Calculator | Half Your Age Plus Seven Rule!
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Or create a new account it's free. There is a so-called rule about dating: We can write the dating rule as an equation: Why would we want to do this?

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  4. Well, it means we can work out some other implications of the rule. For instance, you might want to know what the oldest age you could reasonably date would be.

    Dating Age Range Calculator

    How do we work that out? Well, we need to rearrange the equation.

    Number of years, months, weeks, and days between two dates

    That means, to find the oldest age you can date, you have to double your age and take away So even somebody your own age is simultaneously too old and too young for you. It turns out that the minimum age this rule allows dating is 14 — for extra credit, can you explain why?

    Date Calculator

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