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Firstly, forget about raiding for trophies.

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  • Unfair Raids and Broken Matchmaking.
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You can't upgrade your base with trophies, they are for later in the game. Secondly, when you log out, make sure you have two armies training. When you log back in, you can go out and raid twice straight away. After the first army is used and the queue is free, set the army training again while you do your second raid. Thirdly, don't worry about breaking your shield. The game is all about raiding and you won't progress very well if you just rely on your collectors and mines - you cannot be attacked while you are online, even without a shield.


Find one with plenty of loot to take, ring it with barbarians, followed by a ring of archers. Then another ring of barbs, then archers etc until all your troops are dropped. Watch while you take all the loot and get 3 stars. If you get a bit high in trophies and bases are hard to find or too tough for that army to beat don't worry. Just go for ones that have full collectors and mines on the outside and empty storages dead bases.

You will lose trophies but naturally settle into a range where you float up and down a bit. Lastly, enjoy the game, it's all about raiding and being raided.

Bungie Speaks Out on Destiny’s Lack of Raids Matchmaking

Originally Posted by fette. April 12th, 5. Originally Posted by MasterEdy.

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  6. Just relax and don't care about the defenses, play your game and have fun doing it. April 12th, 6. You are a TH7 in silver, so my question is: If you are farming then those trophies shouldn't matter to you, and a TH8 will not be able to get as much loot from you as a TH7 would, so you shouldn't really be bothered by that either.

    And as Edy said, when you are farming, don't think about defenses, how much loot you make from attacks should matter. If you are pushing, then why are you in silver?

    Unfair Raids and Broken Matchmaking

    Plus it shouldn't really matter to you that people in gold are 3 starring you, as you won't be losing as much as you would if a silver player 3 starred you, and you shouldn't care that they stole your loot, because if you are pushing then I can recommend only 1 thing, don't think about loot. Also as Edy said, if you are pushing don't think about defenses, your attacks matter. Did Bowser just beat Mario? Looking for a good clan with non-stop war? Credits for the awesome sig and avatar goes to Planck, check out his shop Here.

    April 12th, 7. April 12th, 8. This thread has been moved to Feedback forum so that other Destiny players can weigh in. Comment Reply Start Topic. Post History Loading, please wait. This may take some time You're right, its just not right You matchmake for a raid, here are your 5 other team mates 1 The Control freak: Thinks that because he is a higher light level, he is a god at the raid and can make callouts and tell people what to do.

    Half the time his decisions are wrong and the other half, his callouts are wrong. Dies first every encounter and demands a wipe.

    No Probl- Yes, theres a problem with that. Skilled or not, you need to be able to communicate with your teammates. You know him, the guy that always seems to have a bag of broken glass, drywall nails and gravel beside him. I have my own food thank you, i dont need to hear you eating yours. Whenever i hear this, I know that its the end of the raid, nobody, especially a team of randos wants to wait for you to scarf down your dinner. You should've chosen a more opportune time to raid rather than right before dinner.

    Ever wonder why some people resort to matchmaking? Its because nobody will give them the time of day to play with them ever again. Sure, every team has these at some point or another. But its much more efficient to post on the forums or make friends, than to matchmake and potentially have MULTIPLE of these types of people on your team. I understand your frustration but honestly you would be Much more frustrated with raid matchmaking.

    Bungie Speaks Out on Destiny’s Lack of Raids Matchmaking - System Wars - GameSpot

    Do you really think most of the people you find will actually be able to do it? Then theirs the mic issue. Then what if somebody leaves? Raid matchmaking probably won't ever work. I think everything should have matchmaking. Communication is key, yes and yes often the raid will hit a dead end. It is essentially a built in LFG to group like minded players. If one player is causing probs, the other 5 can group up and go back in and matchmake again.

    The LFG method is a long winded method that carries its own problems. You already have that, just try using it. Guided Games is one way. LFG is another way. Joining a clan is a third way. Good luck with that. I spent half the strikes reviving people because they don't know what they're doing. A match made raid group would be a nightmare.