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If you ask her for a date too soon, it tells her a few things. Most women want that from men online.

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Sure, there comes a time when you need to strike, but always do it after six or seven days have passed. For them, getting to know someone via text is just such a drag. This type of girl is easy to spot. You guys have been getting along just fine online. Show some understanding and keep finessing like you have been doing up until this point. Continue chatting as you were and try again in another two weeks. How long should you wait to ask a girl out if there is a clear, strong connection? Remember the famous quote again: Sometimes, rushing ruins everything.

Take your time and make the meet up extra special. Remember, however, to make sure she knows you do want to meet up eventually — drop subtle hints. It depends, but here are some tips on how to make sure you hit your mark. Personally, I avoid dates on Friday or Saturday. Too much is going on, places are too packed, and it's not worth it. Go on dates on off peak days. I work on weekdays, and so I don't have much time to meet up that's why I always set up dates usually on Fridays or weekdays. I'm assuming that you're saying you're always doing dates on the weekend.

I guess it just depends on what you're looking for in a date. I've had more success when it's a very focused and undistracted date. Weekends you have to contend with lots of other things going on. I guess it also depends on what you're gonna do too. Like I know the weekends tend to be more busy outside, but it's not always the case at least for me. I had no idea that it was you. Usually, I'll reply when there is something I agree with and there is a small detail that doesn't work out or something is completely wrong and there's a possibility of a discussion.

Frankly, I'm not surprised. I still love some of the regs on okc, i briefly had a fling with 2 regs whom i won't call out. When the one-line texts turn into mini paragraphs, I know it's time to take this into the real world. I've seen enough to know we're both enthusiastic and we have a lot to talk about.

Only been on two dates from online services. I generally ask them out as soon as we have a half-decent conversation that isn't just initial pleasantries. Girl here who met her current boyfriend on tinder.


We exchanged a few messages on the app, then I gave him my snapchat and we sent each other a few messages a day on there for about a week. I wasn't really ready to meet him at this point, but he offered to bring me a burrito, and I couldn't say no to that. I talked to my SO for around a month and a half ish? Granted we met through instagram which then moved to other apps but, it's still internet dating, kind of?

That's roughly my preferred timeline as well. It's enough time to get a sense of conversational flow and to begin to feel comfortable with a person, but not enough time to construct a mental picture of who and what the person is. If you wait too long, someone gets pedestal-ed, ime. It all depends on the girl. Some don't hesitate to meet after a week or so while others rather keep you as an online friend forever and to never turn real.

If there is a connection go for it. I will echo a few of the things stated in here already. I've been very successful In my own relationship goals, my current relationship status may not be whats considered successful if your goals are significantly different than mine with OLD and what I do works for me.

When Should I Ask For A Date Online? - AskMen

I will have the number and date setup within 10 messages. I do not have time for nor do I want a pen pal. Its also extremely difficult to build attraction through text messages.

Eye contact, verbal tonality, and physical touch will help you get to know someone a lot better than words on a screen. Sometimes my first message will be setting up the date depending on the circumstances.

How to Ask a Girl Out Online

I very rarely schedule first dates on Friday or Saturday, there is usually too much other stuff going on. If you have other questions I'd be happy to provide my perspective. Some women are more forward than others so you'll have to adjust your methods a little for each match. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of the conversion going stale or some other guy making a move. That being said though, after being catfished on all the "dates" I've ever went on I've given up. I setup a coffee date within a few messages. I don't have the time or patience to waste on messaging endlessly.

I typically know within moments of meeting someone if it's going have the potential of leading to a relationship. I usually ask them out 3 days later. But of course the games start to come. Slow replies, schedule changes, etc. I'm pretty accommodating but you know I don't want to waste time.

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It is no surprise girls that go on these dating apps are looking for a guy but create too much mental complications they end up flaking. Last girl I went on a date with did show up. She totally forgot everything about me. Talk about doing your homework. Like messages before getting the phone number. Send them a text telling them where you two are gonna go out to and text a bit before the date. I always try to meet as quickly as possible. Nothing matters compared to real life chemistry. Doesn't matter if you two had epic paragraph long conversations.

If you have no chemistry in person, it's not going to work. I'll ask a girl if she wants to grab a drink after maybe 5 or so messages. If she agrees, I ask for her number and set up a date as soon as possible. As little as possible. Too much inane chatting can kill it.

When Is The BEST Time To Ask Her Out...?

I get her number the on the same day that i message her, and i try to set up a date over the next week or two. As long as possible.

#2 Take These Steps To Quickly Build Trust & Attraction

I'm really not that interesting in person. I have a decent profile and have done some pretty interesting things but I'm horrible at talking about them. If I do wind up meeting up with someone, I assume that I made a terrible impression and never follow up. If you let it go long enough, the situation resolves itself. First of all, I don't use online dating anymore because it's terrible for your mental health unless you're model level attractive. When I did use it though I tried to tell them as little as I could about myself before getting the date set, I don't want to give them any more reasons than I must to talk themselves out of going on a date.

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