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I hadn't even considered that. Yes she'd never slept with a man, supposedly, but I figured she'd at least used dildos. I ask if she's ready for me to go all the way in. She winces a lot as I deflower her. I wish I could say I blew her mind, and she's been into guys ever since, but I doubt that was the case. We had sex for about 15 minutes, and I don't think she came. I asked her if she wanted me to keep going towards the end of that time, because she was moaning, but also wincing, and she said something like "yes, keep going, I want you to finish.

After I finished, we lay in bed for a few minutes, and then got up and began to get dressed. I asked if she'd enjoyed it, and she told me she did, though I don't totally believe her. I got home pretty dazed. I was thinking about what had happened. After a while, I realized I was kind of uncomfortable with the idea that we would never interact ever again.

I would never know what happened to her. So I wrote her another email, acknowledging that this defeated the whole purpose of anonymous sex, but could I have her real name so that we could stay in touch. A few minutes later, I got a Facebook request from her. We've been Facebook friends ever since, and we will still like each other's statuses or vacation pictures, or whatever else. But we've never spoken since of that night, or anything else. But I like knowing that I could reach out to her if I wanted. I have personally never hooked up with somebody over craigslist, but I have a friend, who we'll call Greg, who did.

He was really unsure about his sexuality, so he decided to try and see what it felt like to be with a dude, so onto craigslist he went, and a dude he did find. He went over to the aforementioned dudes house, had a few glasses of wine, and next thing he remembers is waking up covered in his own fecal matter in a bedroom he doesn't recognize and a terribly sore butthole. He got out of there as soon as possible for obvious reasons. On a side note he's now out of the closet and is in a happy relationship.

I have left reddit for Voat due to years of admin mismanagement and preferential treatment for certain subreddits and users holding certain political and ideological views. The situation has gotten especially worse since the appointment of Ellen Pao as CEO, culminating in the seemingly unjustified firings of several valuable employees and bans on hundreds of vibrant communities on completely trumped-up charges. As an act of protest, I have chosen to redact all the comments I've ever made on reddit, overwriting them with this message.

You may need to scroll down to multiple comment pages if you have commented a lot. After doing all of the above, you are welcome to join me on Voat! It's not deep inside of you anymore. It's the empty feeling that tells you it's yours. That's exactly what he thinks happened, he didn't drink nearly enough to black out, or even pass out for that matter. That's some fucked up shit.

I mean, I've met people through CL on occasion, but never something that messed up. Sorry about his experience. Quite frankly, your friend was raped. Hate to sound so brash, but he had no consent, was more than likely drugged.

12 crazy Craigslist "casual encounters" stories that prove you really can find anything online

He was a little messed up about it for a while, but he's put it behind him and seems to be doing well. It kinda disturbs me how reddit is laughing at a story of a guy apparently getting roofied and raped. Landed myself in the personals after browsing the for sale listings, wasn't really expecting to find anyone. Saw a post that got my attention and responded. We chatted all day and decided to meet the next day.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas.

We chilled around town then hooked up later that night. I think Craigslist isn't quite what it used to be. People have been scared off by the whole craigslist killer stuff and other bad press craigslist has gotten I guess. I was mostly surprised by the quality of people.. I expected the absolute bottom of the barrel, complete trailer trashy type of female.. It had been about two years since I'd last gotten any, so I was pretty freaking desperate. I'd spent about a week last June feeling horny, but not just any horny - the kind of horny that disrupts your thoughts on a constant basis.

The kind of horny that you can feel in your bones. The Friday night of that week, I decided to bite the bullet. I am not interested in hooking up at clubs cos I'm shy and aware that there are always better looking girls there Or if not better looking, then more prepared to wear the best clothes and put themselves together, whereas I'm more an acquired taste.

I put an ad on the Women seeking Men part of my local Craiglist. I was shocked by how many women were quite clearly and blatantly looking for cash I was naive, having never done anything like this before. So my ad just read something like 'I just want to get laid. In and out, no strings. Do not want you cash. Please know what you're doing' plus a brief description of myself so they know what they're getting into.

I promised that a decent reply and a picture would get a photo of me in return. The response was genuinely ridiculous. I could not keep up with the number of messages coming into my inbox.

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After about an hour there were hundreds. And this was men replying to an ad with no photo on it. Some of the guys' photos were astonishing - far too out of my league. The kind of guy who wouldn't look twice at me if they saw me in the street. I filtered through most of them and discarded the ones that were just dick pics and the ones who used text talk or had poor grammar or no chat.

I figured I actually could afford to be picky. There were about four or five I replied to with a photo - nothing crazy, naked, sure, but just a bit of side boob. No face, no distinguishing features. They all seemed pretty happy, but I ended up going with a guy who was super skinny I have a thing for stupidly thin guys and who seemed pretty chill. I think it took him about an hour to get into the city and find my place. During this time, I texted one friend to tell her what I was doing.

The guy had promised to be gone by He didn't look much like his photo. Perhaps he was smaller or geekier-looking if that is a thing and he seemed really nervous, but then again, so was I. I was drinking whisky; he declined. We made small talk for a bit, which was awkward, but we quickly opened up. It was actually talking about reddit that spurred us on - I had just started my account recently and he had just celebrated a cake day.

We smoked some weed out of my window and then I think we made out on my couch. His body was good and he had promised a big dick, which I was not disappointed with. When we went to my room, the sex was painful to begin with well, it had been two years for me , but soon became hot, pretty rough which I like and he was really good at dirty talk. Neither of us came - he blamed the condom, I knew I wasn't going to, but the itch had been scratched and I came away having had a pretty good experience all told. I had explicitly stated that I only wanted a one-night thing and that I wasn't interested in anything else.

The guy texted me a couple of times after, but when I explained that it really was just a one-night stand, he seemed cool with that. I was tempted to do it again, just because the ego boost had been incredible and the sense of power of being able to pick from hundreds of guys was intoxicating. This kind of sums up my experience. I met one of the best fucks I've ever had, to this day. I often felt that he was out of my league since I have a mom body even though I havent yet had kids, and he was this built, tall, rock climber.

He had a huge dick with perfect girth and length I love getting my cervix pounded ungh and he knew how to use it because we would do anal sans lube and he would finish in my butt. I was enjoying being single but he was the only guy I slept with for close to a year, just because he was the best and I didnt feel like going anywhere else for sex. But eventually I met my ex and we lost touch. I met an exboyfriend on craigslist, but it wasn't a hookup. I had posted looking for friendship on the "strictly platonic" section, and he replied. He was younger than me - he was 21, I was We emailed back and forth for a while, then began chatting on gmail chat.

He kissed me on the patio of the bar, but that was all. I was dating other guys too, but he pursued me with a lot of determination and I decided he was worth the chance. We went on to have, what was for the most part, a very happy relationship. We moved in together a half a year later, and lived together for two years. He always talked about the future we would have together, and two years later he told me he was looking for an engagement ring for me. I decided that once he found one and popped the question, I would say yes.

Then a few months later he comes home with this strange talk, out of nowhere, of needing space and feeling confused and wanting to move out and take a break to figure out what he really needs. It made no sense. I was upset and couldn't sleep. At 1 am I hear his phone go off like he's receiving a text message. Who would text him at 1 am? For the first time ever, I looked through his phone. He was cheating on me. I ended the relationship right away. He had wanted to go spend a month trying to make her into his girlfriend, but wanted to keep me on the side waiting as his backup plan in case it didn't work out.

He and this girl went on to have a very turbulent, on-again off-again "thing" for a month and a half. He told everyone that she's a bitch, she told everyone that he's crazy. He came back two months later sobbing and holding a cheesecake and begging me to come back. It was pretty satisfying to tell him no, hell no, never again. But to have that happen, literally with no warning out of absolutely nowhere, when I thought we were happy and going to be married - I think it literally traumatized me.

I've never felt such pain, and it threw my life into turmoil for years after. And then I brought it to a party with a bunch of friends later, and we all ate it together while gossiping horribly about him. Something similar happened to me. Going on 3 years with this guy who was my only serious relationship ever, thinking everything was relatively fine, and suddenly he breaks up with me. Gives me a couple bullshit excuses that I can't even remember now.

Basically his plan was to break up with me just for the enjoyment of watching me crawl back. I spent three months crying myself to sleep every night, but I refused to crawl back. After a few months, he realized I wasn't playing along, and panicked. He's been trying to get me back ever since, the last attempt was about a month ago. This all happened three years ago. Good for you to say no when he scrabbled back. A lot of people don't have the cajones when they see that person's face. I feel for you, sister. It's the worst thing ever when you find out that someone you thought you could put all your trust in turns out to be a selfish asshole like that.

It absolutely is traumatizing. It damages your ability to trust and it hurts the relationships you try to have after. Happened to me with my kid's dad. Turned out he slept with my best friend a week after our daughter was born. Then a month after that another girl comes to me apologizing profusely, saying "I didn't even know you were pregnant or anything". He had been having a relationship with this other girl while I was pregnant. I hope you're okay now, and that someone has proven to you that not everyone is so selfish. It takes years to heal. My daughter is 11 now and I'm just now feeling like I'm truly healed.

Just don't give up on trust. Sorry to hear that this ended so shittly. It genuinely upset me because I've had it happen to me too. You really don't know that such an awful, dark place is even possible, until it happens to you. Thank you for the empathy. I recently met this girl who is cute and wants to fool around, but she got drunk and told me how she has used craigslist "a lot" to hook up and now I'm too freaked out about sti's and stuff to do anything with her. And you can just frame it as, "I haven't been tested in a while, let's go do it together.

I met my current fiance in the casual encounters section. His ad just said he was looking for someone to smoke with. I would browse but had never replied before. I sent him a little email and we swapped pics and met soon after to do the aforementioned smoking. We talked and smoked and found we both dreamed of taking an amazing trip.

We spent 3 months travelling from Colorado to California to Oregon and swung back around to spend time with my family in the midwest. That's when things got bad. You see, before we met, he had a bench warrant for a small drug charge. He was arrested and extradicted back to GA. We had a little money saved so I took a greyhound bus back down there and stayed with his grandad while we waited. We assumed he would be out in 90 days at the most as that is the norm for his offense.

The judge who has since resigned due to many issues similar to his refused to set him a court date and it was over a year later he was released to a halfway house where he would complete the drug court program. He spent another year in the halfway house and had his charges dropped. I stayed by his side the entire time, sent him a letter every single day he was in jail and visited him twice a week. He was never an addict but he worked his ass off and did everything he could in that program to graduate early to be back with me. We've been together 5 years now and I love him with all my heart.

I'm so happy I had the courage to send him the email that started it all. Starts stomping around like a gorilla with her diseased vagina flopping about I walk out of the room. This has nothing to do with the fort, but She-Hulk isn't known for any sort of anger issues. Because of how she received her powers, she retains her intelligence when transformed, and even practices law in that state.

Is it weird for me to say that it sounds like you and I could be best friends? That entire post was gold and sounded exactly like my experience with my ex room mate too. I know your life, and I know your struggles. I replied to this woman's ad which stated she was only looking for friends and nothing too serious. The date went well up until a friend randomly showed up, sat on my lap and flicked my nipple I'm a guy and so was my friend.

I thought for sure she would of left and never talked to me again. Anywho, I asked her out for date number two and she said yes. We had fun and went for drinks afterwards. So she had the intention of not being in a relationship but I guess I changed her mind.

Redditors who've hooked up through Craigslist, what's your story? : AskReddit

We had sex a lot after our third date. Fast forward 1 year and counting, I'm still with her and in a very happy relationship and plan on getting married in the next 2 years. I went through a couple of months last year where I must have fucked over 20 guys. It was the summer holidays, none of my friends were around and I was bored and lonely. Posted on Craigslist for fun, and the sheer amount of responses I received was absolutely ridiculous. Must have been over replies. A lot of them were just dick pics that I immediately discarded, but the rest were really genuine responses.

Since I could afford being choosy, the guys I slept were some of the best looking guys I've ever seen, easily a I eventually stopped because well I suspect a lot of them were already in relationships, which is why they were using CL in the first place. I wasn't really comfortable with that situation so I ended the whole thing. I really have to wonder what's going on inside the head of anyone that thinks you'll respond to a picture of a penis.

Do they ever look at just the vag and think, "Hell yeah, I'll fuck whatever that's attached to. I'll try not to go into too much detail unless asked- I had a serious online hookup thing going on for a few years. I used a ton of websites- but craigslist was my go-to. Call it what you will- sex addition, whoring around, whatever. I was doing it often. The only attention I received from my father growing up was abusive. My mother did nothing to protect me from that abuse, so I have a lot of "issues. My first year away from home got into a really nice university I pretty much went crazy after my first boyfriend and I split.

It was pretty average in the beginning- finding other college kids and doing whatever. Then it escalated pretty quickly. I was hooking up with almost anyone online. I was doing this instead of class and homework. I would respond to ads I was interested in- but mostly I posted ads myself. I had the luxury of being picky. I would get at least responses over the course of a few hours. I always had to delete my ads after I had made my mind up because the emails just kept coming.

I slept with professors at my university, married men, men old enough to be my father, guys with weird fetishes, five guys in one day, you name it. Also- I wasn't asking for money. I was just being a general slut. I did things I wasn't into- just because I felt like I had to. There were several occasions where I was scared for my life- I'd been held against my will, strangled, punched, locked in a closet, left on the side of a road in who knows where. I never used protection- I learned that guys were more interested if I didn't. I would only ask if they were clean- and take their word for it.

I would let anyone cum inside me if they wanted to. I kind of had a death wish- I didn't care if I was almost strangled last night, I got back on craigslist and hooked up again the next night. Between and I would say I slept with over men. I honestly stopped counting around then. Fast forward to today- and I am fairly normal. I'm working on the underlying issues at hand, trying to meet respectable guys with common intellectual interests I had a recent full-panel STD test done. I only came back with a minor bacterial infection.

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But I am thankful. Thankful that my throat wasn't slashed and that I am alive today to become a better person. I was in grad school and had just had my heart broken by my gf of several years. On Friday night I decided to get a frozen yogurt from a shop near school. When I walked in I saw the most beautiful, adorable and sweet girl in my life. She was so adorable that I just knew she had such a fun and loving personality to match her looks.

So I would go see her Friday nights and she never new who I was. Fast forward a few months and she no longer worked at the yogurt shop. One night I lost my school ID card and went to get it replaced the next morning. There was the girl, she had a new job with the school. She took my replacement picture, I was so nervous. Later that week I wrote a missed connection about how she had cheered me up from my break up and I wanted to keep seeing her but couldn't loose my ID everyday, she would find that weird. My missed connection got to her and we haven't spent a day apart in four years. I have a huge dilemma.

I know this is all going to sound crazy, and I promise you I'm not crazy. Well, everyone is crazy in there own way but I'm not stalker crazy like you might think. Well I've gotten ahead of myself just read on and you'll figure it out. So I was going through a sort of rough time, a little lonely, had the blues a bit. That all changed when I first saw you. I had decided to get a frozen yogurt and you were behind the counter. The first time I ordered one it wasn't from you sadly , but regardless you instantly brightened my day.

You are so attractive, and not like trashy undergrad attractive, but like classic attractive. You are so attractive I get intimidated seeing you, I literally get butterflys in my stomach, and I know that's cliche corny movie stuff, but seriously you drive me crazy. So I figured out you worked Friday nights and so every friday night, before i would go out i would stop by and get a frozen yogurt from you.

And no matter how much studying i had to do or what was going on in my life, when i would see you i'd just smile and everything was perfect. My day was instantly turned around. The first time I ordered a yogurt from you, you put carmel fudge on instead of chocolate. I was too enamored with you to correct the mistake, and threw it away after i left the store.

I brought my roommate and my brother in to see you. I joked around and told you I was gay with my roommate, let me assure you I'm not and I'm very much interested in you. So here comes the problem. You stopped working at the frozen yogurt joint and randomly I saw you working at the access card office. Which is great, cause that means you go to school here. But the problem is, I can only fake loose my ID card so many times. I mean, first off its 15 dollars every time I want to come see you now, instead of 3.

And, your gonna think I'm really dumb if I keep coming in to replace my access card. I'm just way to shy to ask for your name and number, god knows you probably have a bf lucky sob but just for me do you think you could get a different job? I really like coffee and movies. So the movie theater or a coffee shop would be preferred. But if you really like your job there, you can keep it and just give me your name and number. If you ever read this god help me if you do cause I'll die of embarrassment I'm pretty sure you'll know who I am, but just in case you don't just think law student.

I did your keen interest on the vehicular roadway and consider myself the king of them! We are a match made in heaven. So I sent the missed connection to my sister who forwarded it to the office she worked in. Apparently her boss sat the girls working in the office down and said "I think we have a stalker" she read the letter out loud and my girlfriend knew right away who it was from. We emailed back and forth for a few weeks but she was in a serious relationship as I had guessed. Afterwards I would see her out at the bars around campus.

Whenever I saw her I would drop everything and go buy her a drink and talk to her for a bit. Then one night when I saw her she told me that she was single. I took her out on a date and at the end of the night I told her I didn't want to progress too fast because I really liked her and wanted to date her. Having just gotten out of a serious relationship, this freaked her out.

The next year I would see her out at night and she would say she wanted to hang out with me and then flake. Patty's day in she walked into the campus bar. This time, I didn't run over to her and buy her a drink, I had decided that she wasn't into me and I was going to drop it.

Well she comes running over, gives me a huge kiss and says she's ready to go out again. She puts her phone number back into my phone and tells me to call her the next day. She describes now that the moment she walked into the bar that day she looked over at me and knew it was right. The next day I took her on a date and we have spent everyday together since. However, my daughter is a badass. When I was 22 I went through a "bisexual phase" I'm happily married to my husband of two years now.

I put a listing on, and within a week I had a full inbox, mainly creeps and obvious fakes. After two weeks, I was about to remove the listing when I finally got a seemingly legit reply. The girl was interested in meeting up, which I hastily agreed to. Looking back I was very stupid and careless, and am very thankful things turned out the way they did. After exchanging phone numbers, I agreed to come over to her apartment the next Friday night. I was extremely anxious the week leading up to it, but also very excited.

We exchanged pictures and I was practically soaked from Wednesday on. Looking back I should have probably been abducted with how careless I was, but I was hormonal and desperate. I had a friend drop me off, who tried to talk me out of it once we got to the complex, but I was determined. The apartments themselves weren't too bad, albeit in a sketchier part of town. I anxiously waited outside, and ended up calling her instead of buzzing the door. I could hear footsteps approaching the door, and I realized that things were really happening.

I panicked for a bit, but once I saw her open the door my worries melted. She was shorter in person than I expected, standing only to my sholders, but she was cute and had nice She smiled and stepped aside and let me in. Her apartment was cozy, but nothing special. She asked if I wanted some wine, which I quickly accepted. I hated every sip, but I knew each drink we took would bring me closer to feeling underneath her clothes.

Several glasses later, and we are sitting on the couch shoulder to shoulder. By now the wet spot in my panties was uncomfortably noticeable, so I excused myself to the bathroom. I tried to unfluster myself, and walked back out to find she was waiting for me outside. Long story short, our lips touched and the rest followed. It would be the first and last time I tasted another girl, but I don't regret it one bit. We crashed in her bed for a short while, and I came to and realized that I might not be a lesbian after all. My friend picked me up shortly after, and I crashed at her place. I woke up the next morning and she had left a voice mail thanking me for the time, and asking if I wanted to hang out sometime again.

I said it was fun, and lied that I was only in town to visit my family on break, and we broke off contact after that. Although I regret being so reckless, it was a eye opening experience and I feel it shaped me into the person I am today. I met my husband half a year later, and we have been in a committed relationship since. I may have worded things a bit On the couch I was turned on, but I doubt it would have actually been noticeable. I went to the bathroom to try and calm down a little bit and make sure I actually wanted to keep going through with what was happening.

To give a little more insight, I had initially thought I would like being with a girl as much as a guy, but afterwards I realized some fantasies should just stay fantasies. I was more interested in the taboo of the act, than the act itself. I felt this wasn't fair to any girl I would be in a relationship with, and decided this would be my first and last hookup.

I do sometimes still feel curious, but thankfully my husband and I have other ways of handling that: Under the piles of spam and creeps, there are some honest people looking for a fun time. Try to confirm that the person is real as best you can, and don't ignore any bad feelings you have going into the experience. Make sure a friend knows where you are and what you are doing, and try to have a plan to get picked up at a certain time. This all seems like common sense, but I was so caught up with getting an actual person's reply that some of my judgement went out the window.

Think with your head, not with what's between your legs. I made a vlog a few months back better explaining the physiological aspect of our short relationship. It's nothing much, but I do a better job describing my thought process during the whole ordeal. I also go into the sex itself, and try to explain what I found enjoyable about being with someone of the same gender, even though it made me realize I wasn't bisexual after all.

I appreciate all your comments, and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of creepy PM's. I'm wary of showing my face and such, but I feel sharing the video will help you guys better understand the situation as a whole. I don't make videos anymore, so like or dislike, I don't care.

I got to the point where they started kissing and I had to force myself not to read ahead because I was sure the Loch-Ness Monster was on its way. It was right about then that I noticed she was about feet tall and from the palaeolithic era. It was about that time I noticed that shorter girl who stood to my shoulders was a creature from the Paleolithic. I read all of this thinking you were a guy, then at the end I was thinking "I am so dumb". Either that or the "4" has some amazing fucking assets you just haven't seen. He's obviously doing something better than you and everyone else is.

Probably is hung like a horse, energetic like a bunny, and cuddly as a kitten. Most of the W4M ads are bots or prostitutes, depending on which city you live in, so I started looking around at the MW4M ads, to see if there were any real couples who wanted their wife to get some strange for whatever various reasons. Most of the ads in this section seemed to be real and I found one with very specific requirements, which I met, so I responded. I texted all afternoon with what I had assumed from the way it was written was the wife.

When I got to their house, we got to business and it became clear that the guy was just looking for some gay action and using his wife as bait to get guys into their bedroom naked so he could try to "sneakily" touch buttholes and escalate from there. The second he tried to touch my butthole, I made it very clear that I wasn't interested in that.

I still hooked up with his wife while he watched - there were a lot of things he wouldn't do for her, so this was her opportunity to have some fun honestly, I think this guy was just gay. The only part where it got really uncomfortable after that was after I finished and went to the bathroom to clean up, they had me come back into bed so the wife could suck my cock while the husband banged her and finished. I wasn't really feeling it, and I don't think the wife was thrilled about having a fresh-out-of-the-condom penis in her mouth, I think the only person who enjoyed that blowjob was the husband - I got the feeling that he only enjoyed fucking his wife while she was sucking a cock right in front of him.

Also, I suspect that all the texts I thought were from the wife were actually from the husband. The texts were things like, "Where are you? We're outside [the building I lived in] right now. I thought you meant an actual kitten for way too long into that paragraph. I thought she made you like assault her cat. If so, do you think it helped with meeting people? When i worked on the ambulance one of my partners would check out the mmf and casual encounter bits on craigslist. Turns out he went to a MFM meet up, got sucked into the room by the "hot girl" and her boyfriend beat the crap out of him, robbed him and they left him in the hotel room.

We pressured him to contact the police, he did after a few days, he was ashamed, i would be to. Guess this was happening alot in the area. When I first got divorced, and went on a sexual spree, I used any means necessary to hook up with girls. Any resource was a good resource. In the world on online hookups, Craigslist was like the Camden, New Jersey of matchmaking sites. It was like the YMCA shelter. That being said, at that point in my life, a wet hole was a wet hole.

My most memorable Craigslist experience involved me showing up to this French Canadian woman's apartment, just as she was hushing her toddler daughter to sleep. We went to her room, which looked like the second-half of a Hoarders episode - just when they first started hauling out the big crap but the room is still littered with the detritus of a lifetime of filterless cigarettes, used baby toys, and old magazines.

I kept pushing away the voice that kept telling me to stop and got ready for our meeting. It felt like an out-of-body experience. Thinking back on that night I see it from the outside, looking in. Watching myself do this, remembering that it happened and yet not feeling like I actually experienced it. I parked my car and Stu was waiting at the front door. We shook hands and went into his backyard.

It was nice, there was a fire pit burning and a half-empty bottle of Moscato waiting. I sat down and promptly drank all of the wine in an attempt to calm my nerves and also to catch up with Stu, who was very obviously drunk and high. We started chatting, about him mostly. I did not like him. He was very much into talking about how Alpha he was and dropping a comment every single time he could about his self-proclaimed gigantic penis.

This turned out to be true. He packed a bowl for me and I lit up in a greater attempt to lose myself. I suggested we change the subject because at this point I, a queer, liberal, socially aware woman, was pretty close to leaving. But I again squashed down that part of me. About 20 minutes later I needed to pee pretty badly and the guest bathroom was right next to the front door. I went in and looked at myself in the mirror. Go out the front door and go home. But there I was and for some reason I still cannot fathom I was still wanting to hook up with him, who at that point was nothing more to me than a penis-wielding person.

I just wanted to get it over with. When I came back out of the bathroom, he was sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for me. So I sat down next to him and he slowly worked his way into cuddling with me. I was apathetic and pretty stoned and just stared at the moon. Eventually things just went from there. We moved from the couch to his bed upstairs and there it happened.

And it was not the worst thing ever, but it was pretty bad. I did manage to have an orgasm in there somewhere that I was mostly responsible for , but he just kept going and going and going and my god, having stamina is supposed to be nice, but I was tapping out and he just kept going, to the point where I was physically uncomfortable.

Eventually I just had to stop him and I ended up standing over him telling him everything he wanted to hear just so he would finish and I could go home.

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I always thought that the first person I slept with would be someone I loved, not someone I found on Craigslist during an out of body experience and a loss of personality, like my body overriding my brain.