Lowboy hook up

Just wondering what to do! Do you dump suspension, keep going up with the neck until the weight is off the 5th wheel and the unhook? Jan 9, 2.

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The only way I have seen it done is by placing blocking a couple feet behind the ramps and then setting the deck on them, lock the neck in place and pull out. If the trailer doesn't have stop locks to keep the neck from slamming to the ground as soon as the truck frame clears then I wouldn't even attempt it. All depends on the trailer manufacture and year. There are many types out there that have to same basic concept but different designs.

Jan 9, 3. Well is it mechanical or hydraulic?

ᐅᐅ Lowboy hook up

If its mechanical and you have ramps just unhook like a regular trailer and ease it down your ramps if your worried about the nose hitting the ground take a chain and tie I back to the main deck and ease out. If its hydraulic I always set the deck on the ground thn pulled out just far enough to see the neck drop a bit and then picked it up by pulling the cylinder down and then you should be good to go if the system has decent seals it will sit there forever.

Jan 10, 4. Does the truck have to be set up different to hook to an RGN?

Lowboy hook up

Flightline , Jan 10, Jan 10, 5. Jan 10, 6. TripleSix , Jan 10, Jan 10, 7. From hooking up to disconnect, Some have a air valve in the rear to use for adjusting height. You may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.

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Hooking up the lowboy

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